ILIFEW90: Your Economical Vacuum Cleaner for Spotless Your Home
05/08/2023 11:01

ILIFE, the world-leading robot vacuum and handheld vacuum cleaner brand, recently brings its latest wet & dry vacuum cleaner ILIFE W90. This device features an innovative 3-in-1 cleaning system that it can vacuum, mop, and wash at the same time. It delivers powerful wet and dry cleaning on multiple hard floors and one-click self-cleaning makes cleaning effortless. W90 offers users an ultra clean in one easy step with breakthrough performance.


The W90 is a must-have for everyday household cleaning, and it strikes a good balance between price and overall quality. It is the latest product of the ILIFE brand, which meets the market demand at an affordable price.

In short, ILIFE launched the latest W90 wet and dry vacuum cleaner, which is a breakthrough in household cleaning technology. With innovative 3-in-1 cleaning system, dual-slot design, one-touch self-cleaning cycle, intelligent control system and humanized design, W90 makes cleaning easy and efficient. This product is a household must-have for an ultra-clean home in one easy step. Moreover, the promotion and offers of ILIFE on AliExpress on March 20th are very interesting for every household.

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I bought to mop the kitchen messes! Worth the money!